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Arcachon is 65 km away from Bordeaux, it is a seaside resort town, best season is from May to Oct. In 1852, Emile and Isaac Pereire set up the Compagnie des Chemins de Fer du Midi. Then they purchased 60 hectares of forest to create the Winter Town where wealthy sick people went to benefit from the ocean air and the sweet smell of the pines. Napoleon III stayed there in 1859 and 1863, placing Arcachon among the country's top health resorts, Rich people built sumptuous villas in the winter town, putting it on the regional list of picturesque sights.

The touristic beaches include Arcachon centre beach, Pereire beach and Moulleau beach. Climb up Dune du Pyla will be an unforgetable moment. If you like to eat Oyster, Oyster farmer village in La Teste is an ideal choice.

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