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Walking around in the city center -- from B&B Villa Sequoia Garden, it is a walking distance to visit city center.

A.  Office de Tourisme      B.  Monument Aux Girondins      C. Maison Gobineau (Maison du vin de Bordeaux)       D. Grand-Theatre      E. Hotel Acquart (Spectacular neo-classical decor with status)      F. Eglise Notre-Dame (Place du Chapelet)     G. Cour Mably       H. Porte Dijeaux        I. Palais Rohan (Hotel de Ville)        J. Cathedrale Saint-Andre et Tour Pey-Berland       K. Musee d'Aquitaine        L. Grosse Cloche         M. Place Fernand-Lafargue         N. Place du Palais       O.  Porte Cailhau      P. Maison du Pelerin (Pilgrim House)    Q. Eglise Saint-Pierre     R.  Place du Parlement     S. Place de la bourse     T. Fortaine des Trois Graces        U. Hotel des Fermes (National Customs museum)     V. Miroir d'Eau     W.  Palais de la bourse     X.  Hotel Boyer-Fonfrede    Y. Hotel Saige   X.  Hotel de Laubardemont (Architecture)

From Villa Sequoia Garden, you could begin your visit from Place Victoire

Museum in Bordeaux

1. Aquitaine Museum (Musee d'Aquitaine)

Its extensive and well-organised archaeological and ethnographic collection provides keys to understanding the city and the surrounding area.

2. Fine Arts Museum (Musee des Deaux Arts)

Located in two wings of the Palais Rohan, houses paintings and sculptures from the 15th to early 20th century.

3. Contemporary Art Museum (CAPC Musee d'Art Contemporain)

It was built out of pale-pink brick, limestone, and wood in the early 19th century as a warehouse for colonial goods.

4. Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (Musee des Arts Decoratifs et du Design)

Explore the evolution of decorative arts uses and techniques in the courtyard, patio and garden, as well as rooms displaying two centuries of life in Bordeaux High society and an overview of 20th century design.

5. Customs National Museum (Musee National des Douanes)

Displays reviewing customs policy from Antiquity to the present are equally fascinating.

Walking around river Bordeaux --- Hiking Between 2 bridges

Walking Map between 2 bridges of Bordeaux river.  This circle is around 8 KM, along the road, you will easy find cafe and restaurants for a rest

From B&B Villa Sequoia Garden, you could take tram B, stop at "Quinconces", then begin your hiking between 2 bridges of Bordeaux

  1. Place Quinconces, you will discover the Monument des Girondins, the famous Fountain Horses de Bordeaux. From the fountain walking towards the river passing between the two rostral columns. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left......
  2. Walking towards north, along the Ferrere Street, you will see  the old warehouses of colonial commodities, nowadays become the CAPC, a museum of modern art and a conference center. Beside, it is Hotel Fenwick, with two small towers on its roof. This mansion was in the eighteenth century the first consulate of the United States in France.  Continue walking along the Quai des Chartrons, pass through the factory shopping area, you will arrive Bridge Bacalan-Bastide, new bridge of Bordeaux.
  3. Cross the river on the pedestrian bridge,take the bike lane at the exit of the bridge, You will have a beautiful panorama on the facade of the quais of Bordeaux..Contimue walking on the green spaces, you will see another side of river, the Place des Quinconces, Place de la Bourse....old Bordeaux......
  4. Old Bridge of Bordeaux: Pont du Pierre. This bridge was the only bridge crosse the Garonne until 1967, at the end of bridge, the Burgundy Gate is located at the corner of the 12th century rampart of Bordeaux.
  5. At the end of Bridge, you turn right, walk up, you will passby Porte Caihau at your left side, the grand facade of ancient gate of Bordeaux,  then you arrive the water mirror,  the Place de la Bourse at your left side.  Towards north, arrive to the beginning point "Place the Quinconces".

Boat Bus on the River Garonne of Bordeaux (Bateau Bus)

Another way to view Bordeaux along the river, you could take boat bus.  The ticket is the same as bus/tram transport.  The 4 stations are recommended to stop and walk around before you continue to next point.

Quinconces --- Les Hangars --- La Cite du Vin,    This 3 stops link with tram B

Stalingrad,  This stop across the river and near the Pont du Pierre

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